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Joy is a CG artist based in NY.

She graduated from the MFA Computer Art Program at School of Visual Arts. 

Her professional skills in CG animation production include:

design/ storyboard/ modeling/ texturing/ shading/ look development/ lighting

She has been working and traveling to different cities,

such as Taiwan, New York, Vancouver ( SIGGRAPH 2014 ) and San Francisco.

Currently, she is working at BUCK as a CG Texturing/ Look Dev Artist.


As a visual artist, Joy considers art as a means to convert imagination into reality.

Her work emphasizes the usage of color and positive spirit,

giving the audience a sense of happiness and a temporary illusion of escaping real life.


Joy's thesis film, "TREASURE NEST ",

won the Best Animation of Los Angeles Movie Award and Best Animated Film of Sunscreen Festival.

The short also has been selected for festivals worldwide.


● Best Animation, Los Angeles Movie Award, 5th Annual, Fall Season, Los Angeles, USA, 09/2014

● Best Animated Film, Sunscreen Film Festival West, 2nd Annual, South Bay, Los Angeles, USA, 10/2014

● Best Animated, Poppy Jasper Film Festival, 11th annual, Morgan Hill California, USA, 06/2015

● People’s Choice Award, Colortape International Film Festival, 4th annual, Australia, 11/2014-06/2015

● Silver Lei Award, Honolulu Film Festival, 9th Annual, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, May 2015

● Animation Semi- Finalist, Adobe Design Achievement Award, USA, 08/2014

● Best Animation Movies, Florida Movie Festival, 2nd Annual, Florida, USA, May 2015

● Best Animation Nominees, Rendezvous Film Festival, 8 years, Florida, USA, June 5th- 13th, 2015

● Best Animation Finalist, Film Miami Fest/ Best Shorts Worldwide, 1 year, Miami, Florida, USA, June 23th -25th, 2015

● Finalist, The World’s Independent Film Festival, 6 years, San Francisco, USA, Sep 25th -27th, 2015



●“ZERO BOUNDARIES- An Emerging Taiwanese Art/Design/Tech Exhibition 2014”, Group Exhibition, December 2014, Taipei Economic and Cultural Center, New York

●“The Animation Art of Chuck Jones: What’s Up, Doc?”, Group Exhibition, July 2014, Museum of Moving Image, New York

●“ZERO/ ONE”, Group Exhibition, May 2014, SVA Gallery, New York, USA

●“BETA CLASSIC”, Group Exhibition, May 2011, DE-SIA Museum of the Arts, Taipei

●“Double Tien”, Solo Show, March 2010, Nan-Pei Art Gallery, Taipei,Taiwan

●“Bubble Star”, Group Exhibition, December 2010, DE-SIA Museum of the Arts, Taipei

●“GOOD ENOUGH”, Group Exhibition, December 2009, DE-SIA Museum of the Arts, Taipei

●“Sail Under False Colors”, Group Exhibition, March 2009, DE-SIA Museum of the Arts, Taipei



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