3D Artist, BUCK Design, Inc., Four Square, " Pale Blue Dot", NY, 2015

    TASKS: Design, previs/ props modeling, texturing

    Four Square : Pale Blue Dot

    These are some modeling experiments with Kyle Strope's design.

    In this stage, we are still trying to figure out the look of the whole short.

    ( right: vegan pizza development, left: marshmallow, bottom: pizza hipster look style design )


    Director: Buck
    Executive Creative Director: Orion Tait
    Executive Producer: Anne Skopas
    Associate Creative Director: Ben Langsfeld, Daniel Oeffinger
    Producer: Anabella Zubillaga
    Production Coordinator: Stefania Consarino
    Design: Daniel Oeffinger, Chris Phillips, Kyle Strope, Yeojin Shin, Meng Chewn Joy Tien, Daniel Uribe
    Modeling: Brice Linane, Meng Chewn Joy Tien, Arvid Volz
    Rigging: Brice Linane, Tao Ye
    Lighting/Shading & Texture: Ryan O’Phelan, Joao Rema, Ana Luisa Santos
    Animation: Chad Colby, Ryan O’Phelan
    Compositing: Ryan O’Phelan, Joao Rema, Ana Luisa Santos
    Music & Sound Design: Antfood








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