TV Commercial: ZOOSK: Date Smarter 

Maya: Modeling/ Texturing/ Base Shading

Photoshop: Texturing

Matte Painting: Floating Cloud Island

Photoshop: Matte Painting

Nuke: Projection Mapping/ Comping/ Rendering

Matte Painting: Halloween Castle

Photoshop: Matte Painting

Maya: Projection Mapping/ Rendering(Mental Ray)

Character/ Prop : Galaxy Ride

Maya: Modeling/ Shading/ Lighting

Photoshop: Texturing, Mental Ray: Rendering, Nuke: Comping

Matte Painting: Day to Night

Photoshop: Matte Painting

After Effects: Comping/ Rendering

Environment Design: Lotus Cave

Maya: Modeling/  Lighting/ Shading/ Rendering(Mental Ray)

Environment Design: Star Stream

Maya: Modeling/  Lighting/ Shading/ Rendering(Mental Ray)

Prop Design: Thunder Bird

Maya: Modeling/ Shading/ Lighting/ Rendering(Mental Ray)

Environment Design: Underwater

Maya: Modeling/  Lighting/ Shading/ Rendering(Mental Ray)

Lighting: Children's Room

Maya: Modeling/ Lighting/ Rendering( Mental Ray)

Pumpkin Girl

Maya: Modeling/ Texturing/ Shading/ Lighting/ Rendering

Nuke: Comping

Willison the Rabbit

Z-Brush: Sculpting/ Texturing ( base model done by Yu-Nien Chien)  

V-Ray: Shading/ Lighting/ Rendering

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