Sunbites: A little bit of sun in every bite

    3D Artist, BUCK Design, Inc., Sunbites, “A Little Bit of Sun in Every Bite”, TV/ web campaign, 04/ 2018

    Credits: wood character and dinosaur look development

    hehehe did you enjoy the bite of our sunchips commercial? 




    Creative Director: Gareth O'Brien

    Executive Producer: Erica Ford

    Associate Creative Director: Lucas Brooking

    Art Director: Josh Edwards

    Producer: Jordan Howes, Jayne da Costa

    Director of Photography: Simon Higgins

    CG Supervisor: Michael Lampe

    Design: Lucas Brooking, Josh Edwards, Glen Miralles, Lara Lee, William Pietsch, Mathijs Luijten

    2D Animation: Josh Edwards, William Pietsch, Mathijs Luijten, Salvatore Scopelliti, Glen Miralles

    Fabrication: Josh Edwards, Angela Sae lam

    Stop Motion: Josh Edwards, Salvatore Scopelliti

    Lead Modeler: Elijah Akouri

    Modeling: Lawrence Jet Wong

    Look Development: Elijah Akouri, Joy Tien

    Rigging: Xiong Lin

    3D Animation: Lawrence Jet Wong

    Lighting & Compositing: Michael Lampe, Chuong Vu

    Music and Sound: Rumble Studios



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