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    El Jimador : Day of the Death

    3D Artist, BUCK Design, Inc., El Jimador, “Day of the Death”, TV/ web campaign, 10-2017

    Credits: characters' outfits look development, shot glass lighting, and end tag character lighting.

    This was the most interesting project I had ever done! Let's celebrate the biggest toast to the world together!

    For this project, I did the look development for the characters.

    I worked with my 3D supervisor, Bill Doris, for this shot. I am in charge of character rendering.

    I did the base texture and material for the El Jimador bottle and assemble final render passes for compositing.

    I lit this shot glass in Maya and composite it in Nuke. 

    BOTTLES, BOTTLES, BOTTLES! Concept designed by Amelia Chen and Base model was done by Bill Dorais.

    Our senior lighter lit this beautiful shot, I was in charge of the outfit texture of the Mariachi. 


    Below is the turntable for all the characters. 



    Directed by: Buck


    Executive Creative Director: Orion Tait

    Executive Producer: Anne Skopas

    Creative Director: Thomas Schmid

    CG Supervisor: Bill Dorais

    Producer: Anabella Zubillaga

    Production Coordinator: Alexi Yeldezian

    Art Director: Arvid Volz

    Animation Director: Chad Colby

    Design: Olivia Blanc, Amelia Chen, Thomas Schmid, Yeojin Shin, Kyle Strope

    Concept Art and Matte Painting: Dae-Han Yi, Jong Lee, Artur Sadlos

    Storyboards: William Trebutien

    3D Modeling: Bill Dorais, Michele Herrera, Joy (Meng-Chwen) Tien, Arvid Volz

    Rigging: Ernesto Ruiz Velasco

    3D Animation: Ozan Basaldi, Jordan Blit, Chad Colby, Jonathan Muller, Cesar Tafoya

    Look Development: Brice Linane, Joao Rema, Ana Santos, Joy (Meng-Chwen) Tien

    Lighting: Brice Linane, Jimmy Sans, Ana Santos, Joao Rema, Joy (Meng-Chwen) Tien

    Compositing: Brice Linane, Jimmy Sans, Ana Santos, Joao Rema, Joy (Meng-Chwen) Tien

    2D Animation: Rocio Cogno, Kyle Strope

    Live Action Director: Jon Gorman, Thomas Schmid

    Set Fabrication: Ben Kress, Junko Shimizu, Yeojin Shin, Taili Wu

    Director of Photography: Anibal Hernandez



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