Sir Desmodus Rotundus

    Personal project, NYC, June/ 2020 

    Responsible for set building and texturing, layout, grooming, lighting, shading, & comping.

    This is the second lighting challenge I did with the Academic of Animated Art (TDU ).

    I am responsible for the lighting, grooming, and comping part of the production. I used Maya, Ornatrix, and Vray render.

    Also, I comped this shot in Nuke and After Effect. The 3D Character Asset is made by Sara Tarr.

    The character is designed by Disney Animation Art Director Chris Ayers.

    I was responsible for building the stained glass set using Substance Painter and Maya.

    Last but not least, I also added some fur and edited the textures to the character. I acquired the free stained glass texture from turbo squid.



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